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Audison SRx 4 4-Channel Amplifier

Audison SRx 4 4-Channel Amplifier
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Audison SRx 4 4-Channel Amplifier

- PRE-OUT pass-through from high level SPEAKERS-IN input
- Fully by-passable crossover FILTERS
- Removable panel to conceal and protect controls and wiring
- Solid aluminium heatsink construction
- Fanless convection cooling system
- Power transistors fixed with spiral springs, providing a 50% increase in pressure
- Built in SUBWOOFER volume control module, requires only the connection of optional VCRA controller
- Electronic thermal control system rolls back output power in two levels (-1,5dB / 65°C; -3dB / 75°C)
- Fuse located on the control panel for easy replacement


- Power supply terminal accepts 7 mm diameter (4 AWG) cable
- Speaker terminal accepts 4.5 mm diameter (8 AWG) cables
- Hi Level speaker and remote turn-on terminals equipped with removable
- connectors with screw fastening
- 24dB low-pass filter when used in 3-channel configuration
- Dual range high-pass filter (50Hz÷500Hz / 500Hz÷5kHz) for multi-channel configurations
- OUTPUT POWER (RMS) @ 14.4 VDC, THD 1%:
- 4Ch 65Wx4 (4Ω)
- 4Ch 90Wx4 (2Ω)
- 3Ch 60Wx2 (4Ω)+195Wx1 (4Ω)
- 3Ch 90Wx 2 (2Ω)+180Wx 1 (4Ω)
- 2Ch 180Wx2 (4Ω)


- BxLxHmm 216x370x56
- BxLxH inches 8"1/2 x 14"9/16 x 2"1/4

Enjoy the new SRx: style and performance
The new SRx range was created for the enthusiasts who want to enter into the world of car audio through an amplifier of excellence: an amplifier which satisfies their quality, power and cosmetics desires. In terms of electronics and mechanics, the SRx project is the best available product in its class; balancing size, versatility, power and like all Audison products, sound quality.

Designed according to traditional Audison philosophy and manufactured with the made-in-Italy quality and finish.

Solid Aluminium Heatsink
Internal amplifier components can reach temperatures of 90°C (194°F) or more. This is why Audison chose or more. This is why Audison chose parts from aluminum; a material which has no peer in terms of heat dissipation and its light weight.

2-Level Virtual Heatsink
Electronics and mechanics merge into the new SRx to create full synergy, giving form to the 2-Level Virtual Heat sink; a system which allows the amplifier to perform longer, even as it reaches high temperatures. The SRx delivers maximum power, even under demanding thermal conditions, without deteriorating the sound quality.

Convection Cooling System
The mechanical layout was designed to create convection cooling; aiding the induction of fresh air and the expulsion of hot air. In whatever conditions the amplifier is mounted in, this natural air circulation generates a "chimney" effect, creating an extremely efficient cooling system, without the use of fans.

Terminal Blocks
Unconventional in the car audio world, and approved by the most important international security regulatory authorities, the terminal blocks of the SRx feature a rising clamp system, preventing the cable from damage. The new guided wire insert system accepts cables up to 4 AWG for the power supply and up to 8 AWG for the loudspeakers with easy, intuitive, safe and secure connection.

Top Panel Controls
According to the tradition of Audison, the controls for operating modes, input sensitivity and crossovers are found along the top panel of the amplifier, protected by the hinged cover plate. All crossover filters are entirely independent and are by-passable, allowing system design versatility. Also featured is the built-in remote volume control circuitry.

Hi and Low-Level Inputs
With its hi-level input, the new SRx can be interfaced with virtually any factory OEM system or other source units withoutlow-level outputs. The high level input also features ART™, negating the need for a remote turn on signal from the source. Being the only one within its market range, the hi-level speaker input signal can also be output through the PRE OUT RCA terminals. Both the low and the hi-level signal inputs incorporate the LNS™ circuit to eliminate electrical disturbances found in the car environment These features allow you to expand any system with the highest possible sound quality.

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