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Clarion DFZ 675MC (Price TBA) 2 - Din CD SD MP3 WMA Receiver CeNet Control

Clarion DFZ 675MC (Price TBA) 2 - Din CD SD MP3 WMA Receiver CeNet Control
Call 416. 532. 6134 for Pricing In Stock (5)

Receiver that Can Light Up the Night with Crystal-Clear Music

D for design... F for fantastic... Z for Z-Enhancer... 675 is the secret code for this striking 2-DIN receiver... and MC stands for Music Catcher. The DFZ675MC is no ordinary source unit. Its sharp and striking front panel is illuminated by Clarion's 728-variable color LED. Its SD card slot and front panel AUX input makes it compatible with portable digital audio players. Its Music Catcher II technology gives you four-times high-speed recording ability. And it lets you select from four different equalization curves.

- 728-Variable Color
- Music Catcher II CD Recorder and SD Slot
- Digital Z-Enhancer
- MAGNA BASS EX Dynamic Bass Enhancement
- 18FM/6AM Presets
- 200 Watts MOS-FET Amplifier (50 Watts x 4 Channels)
- MP3 and WMA Compatible with ID3-TAG Display
- CD-R/RW Ready
- CeNET Control of: DVD Changer (Easy), TV tuner, 6-Disc CD Changer, Satellite Receiver and iPod
- 4-Channel RCA Output
- Front Panel AUX Input
- Active Screen Savers

Digital Z-Enhancer Does Equalization and More
While maintaining overall acoustic balance, three preset patterns optimized to emphasize low, medium and high ranges are provided. Switching is possible according to speaker characteristics (genuine, separate, or coaxial). For even more sound flexibility, the Digital Z-Enhancer provides HI, MID, and LOW gain adjustments for each speaker pattern, giving the user a total of nine equalization patterns to choose from, and enabling sound to be optimized according to the speaker system and sound source.

Music Catcher II "4 Times Speed" Digital Recording
Clarion's leading-edge Music Catcher II lets you record, play and erase data files holding as much music as six of your favorite CDs. Say goodbye to CD changers and storage cases. Don't drop your valuable CDs when you try to load those clumsy cartridges for your bulky old CD changer; catch on to Music Catcher.

- LP Mode : About 650 minutes / 13CDs
- STD Mode : About 500 minutes / 10CDs
- HQ Mode : About 350 minutes / 7CDs
- SHQ Mode : About 250 minutes / 5CDs
- *1 album 50 minutes conversion

Compatible with a Wide Range of Media
It connects to SD card devices, it plays MP3 and WMA files directly from its memory and from digital audio players, and, of course, it does standard MP3/WMA playback. This receiver gives you the freedom and flexibility that you need to handle the newest digital technologies and formats in your vehicle.

Selectable Multicolor Controls
Clarion offers four source units in 2006 that allow users to adjust the red, green and blue (RGB) levels to cosmetically compliment their vehicle's dashboard and gauge cluster illumination. Users can choose from 728 color possibilities.

Magna Bass EX Bass Boost
Ordinary loudness circuits boost bass in the frequency range around 100 Hz. However, Clarion's Magna Bass boosts bass lower than that-in a band centered at 60 Hz-to provide extra low-frequency impact. Now, to boost bass frequencies that are even lower, Clarion's new Magna Bass EX boosts the bass in the vicinity of 60 Hz by nearly 10 dB. And Magna Bass EX automatically compensates for whatever volume level you have chosen to ensure well-balanced dynamic bass no matter how loud you play your music.

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